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Top 10 Best Ceiling Fans in 2022

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    Regardless of how modern the technology has developed to make sure everyone can have access tothe Air Conditioner with reasonable price and low energy consumption, using a fan is still a popular and practical choice to a majority of people. The fan, ceiling fan in particular, still plays a significant role as one of the must-have products in a house. Its presence is not merely for cooling, but it is also used as the home decoration design tool in the modern day.

    To help you choose the best and the most suitable ceiling fans top complete the look of your house or place and meet your needs, here are the top 10 ceiling fans in 2022:

    List Of Top 10 Best Ceiling Fans in 2022

    10. Litex

    Litex BRC30WW6L

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    The first one on the list is the Litex BRC30WW6L Vortex 30-Inch Ceiling Fan. It looks nothing like a typical boring ceiling fan. On the other hand, Litex has the six reversible blades design around a light kit in the opal mushroom glass shape. It is great used for a big room like living room or kitchen. Its unique feature lays on the reversible airflow that cool down or heat up the temperature quite fast.

    Litex is in white finish so it goes with every color of the wall or furniture in your house. The motor is noise-free that sometimes you will not notice is your fan is on. This ceiling fan is only 9 pounds, so you can use it with all types of ceiling, whether or not it’s made of concrete or a wooden partition. It comes with 15 years limited warranty, too.

    9. Prominence Home

    Prominence Home

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    Prominence Home is known for its specialization for room with limited space (small or medium size). There are two color options of it; including bronze and satin nickel, both of which looks greats on its own. If you worry that this ceiling fan can’t be used in the bedroom because of the noise, you do not have to. Its motor works conveniently quiet. Besides, it has the 3 speed-reversible motor that can be used for all season. In summer, it drives the cool air down lower the room temperature. Instead, in winter, it rotates the warm air in to reduce the coolness in the room. Also, its opal globe light attached there can also be used to replace the typical florescence or other light bulb; hence, it can save a lot of energy from using other tools (if not necessary).

    What is more, Prominence Home is one of the best ceiling fans with lights that comes with two units of CRS hugger mounting. You can also use the pull-chains for a fast on/off adjustment although this fan is compatible to use with other remote control as long as it’s for ceiling fan.

    8. Harbor Breeze Mazon

    Harbor Breeze Mazon

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    This is one classic ceiling fan that does extraordinary job. It looks nothing complicated; perfect piece for those who like to keep thing simple but practical. Harbor Breeze Mazon has many designs, color, and size; such as the 42’’ in Gun Metal, 44’’ in Nickel and 52” in Black. The variety of design allows flexibility of choice to use for small and medium room like office, bedroom or living room. Aside from that, it also integrates the LED light that is bright enough to light up the entire room. The light is also adjustable depends on how bright or dim you want it to be.

    Additionally, this one is one of the top-rated ceiling fans and lights thats also link to the remote control that you can use it to adjust the speed without having to leave your place. But if your ceiling is a low enough, you can also use the flush mount as a part of additional design or a quick on/off point, too.

    7. Honeywell Ocean Breeze

    Honeywell Ceiling

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    This ceiling fan is surely a cute handful tool you can’t miss in your house, office, or shop decoration. Its 30’’ in size allow this fan to suit perfectly with a small or medium size room. The design is contemporarily simple that classical modern for home decoration.

    On top of this, its powerful motor works very quietly; allows you to stay comfortable in the room without noise. This Honeywall ceiling fan also has the two different modes, downdraft and updraft, so that you can optimize the airflow according to your preference. The blades also has different range of finishes that you can choose, available from Bronze, Brushed Nickel and White. The white globe light in the middle of the fan is also useful as you can adjust the brightness level with ease.

    6. Westinghouse

    Westinghouse Lighting

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    Westinghouse is a bit different but special as compared to other ceiling fan brands. Its extending blades allow it to ideally fit in a medium and big room (over 400 square feet). It might look like the typical ceiling fan you found 3 decades ago, but the premium quality of this fan is unbeatable.

    Its high-powered motor circulates the air very efficiently without consuming a lot of energy; compare to other ceiling fan. The airflow efficiency of Westinghouse is only 97 cfm per watt. The fan is controlled by the ball-hanger system in which you can use to adjust up to five-speed level depend on how strong is the air you are comfortable of. What’s extra special is the fan’s motor will have 15-year warranty along with 2-year warranty for other parts.

    5. Portage Bay

    Portage Bay 50251

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    Portage Bay has got a lot of positive reviews; from low cost, great design to high quality. Different color of choices such as Matt Black, Brushed Nickel and White allows users to pick the best one that align with their room design. Its wide 52’’ size with the powerful motor, altogether, produce reversible airflow seasonally and preferentially.

    On top of this, the fan is super easy to install with a sufficient instruction provided; no modification or anything at all. What should be noting for this is only the light bulb that integrates in this fan; some people had softly complained that the original light bulb is a bit dim. However, this one can easily improve in a minute by changing it to a higher wattage in the globe glass.

    4. Honeywell Sabal Palm

    Honeywell Sabal Palm

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    This Honeywell Sabal Palm is nothing but a perfect vintage concept design, premium quality and practical ceiling fan. This incredible piece of fan features a nice sunset bowl light; making it an ideal look with the beautiful hand-carved wooden blades looking like a leaf. It is big enough for medium and large room. Even you don’t plan to use it regularly, this ceiling fan already act as an artisan to give your room a complete look.

    Talking about its practicality, Honeywall Sabal Palm has a quiet reversible motor that has 3-speed selection. It is also compatible with three different types of mounts, including the downrod, angled and closed-mount. The incredible looking ceiling fan is 100% satisfaction guaranteed. You will love it from the second you saw it.

    3. Hunter

    Hunter Fan 54 inch LED

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    Hunter is another great looking ceiling fan in Brushed Nickel finish that is invented to complete to look and comfort in your house. It can be installed in three- position mounting including standard, 3’’ low ceiling or 2’’ downrod in order for ideal air movement. The blade is also reversible for you to use seasonally, especially winter and summer. The complementary LED bulb in the cased white glass also makes this a handful piece.

    The motor equipped the ultra-powerful air movement that works like a perfect whisper so you would have the air you want without the noise annoys you. Hunter ceiling fan can also be easily controlled by the universal ceiling fan remote control.

    2. Fanimation

     Fanimation Studio

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    Imagine going to choose a ceiling fan and choosing that one piece without checking the price because you have fallen for its look since the first glance; that one ceiling fan must be Fanimation. The design of this ceiling fan is an absolute contemporary concept. It looks like a cage or drum styles that is 23’’ in size. It looks very fabulously cute with the small or medium room; especially in the bedroom. Its powerful motor consumes very reasonable energy – at only 36 watts; while the airflow efficiency is only 38 cubic feet for a minute per watt.

    What’s pretty special about this ceiling fan is its smart dimming feature that is set with the 1-3-6 hour timer, so you can easily have a good sleep without having to get up to turn off the light. The integrated vintage light bulbs can also be controlled by the handheld remote.

    1. Brightwatts

    Energy Efficient 52 Inch

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    Coming to the top best ceiling fan to ever been reviewed in 2022, it is the Brightwatts. The second you lay the eyes of this Brightwatts ceiling fan, you already knew you’re going to bring this home no matter what because not the look of it that is super presentable that fits every taste, but the practical performance that works like no others. Brightwatts has been building its reputation for 37 years in ceiling fan and solar industry and still counting till now.

    Brightwatts is ideal for the large rooms (up to 400 sq) that can be installed for standard or flush mounted. Its powerful-yet-quiet performance motor fits perfectly with the five reversible blades that comes handy in all season. In summers, the blades circulate the air movement driving the cool air down to the room whereas the winters, it drives in the warm air inside instead.

    Aside of that, Brightwatts ceiling fan also attaches with the light kid that concentrated in the luxurious white finish. It is super easy and quick to install. It is very heavy-duty that the motor does not get heat up despite using it for a long hour.  It is incredibly beautiful that you can also use it as a home decoration tool; making your space looking extra elegant. Grab yours now and experience this number one rated ceiling fan.

    Buying Guide:

    To aid with determining what criteria should be considered when shopping fir the best ceiling fan; here are a few buying guides that might be helpful for you:

    1. Motor performance:

    The appearance of the fan might matter at the first glance, but its inside motor matters more in the long run. Choosing a high quality ceiling fan means choosing a high performance motor, so when you are looking for a good one, you need to see if it has these three points. Firstly, it is whether or not the motor is powerful. However, although sometimes the motor is pretty powerful, you still need to make sure it has the second point which is quiet performance. A cseiling fan’s job is not only to give you the air movement, but for your ultimate comfort, it needs to work silently too. The quiet motor performance is very important for you to feel relaxing; especially when you are resting or sleeping.

    The last point you may want to look for when checking the motor performance is whether or not the dynamo heats up quickly. The typically cheap ceiling fan usually has the dynamo that gets hot quite fast especially with only a few hours after turning it on. Despite the likeability of causing flame, this quick-to-get-hot dynamo can it the motor spoil easily after using it for a while. Hence, you may want to make sure that the ceiling fan you are buying won’t encounter such problem or at least not easily.

    2. Energy consumption or Airflow efficiency:

    This is another tip that helps you choosing an ideal ceiling fan. Check the energy consumption and Airflow efficiency in the product’s description in order to see how much energy that the ceiling fan would charge for its regular performance. It can help you calculate whether or not the price of this ceiling fan worth the cost that you will have to spend when using it. In order what, some ceiling fans might be cheap when you buy it.

    However, the cost that you have to pay is not only the cost of this product but also the cost for energy that this product consumes when it is working. Therefore, if the ceiling fan consumes a lot of energy although it’s cheap to buy in the first place, you should look for any products that might charge a little bit more, but doesn’t consume much energy (thus saving the energy cost) instead.

    3. Reversible blades for air circulation:

    This point is especially important for those who settle in a country that has the regularly summer and winter. The reversible air blades feature is one necessary feature you must look for when purchasing the ceiling fan. The Reversible blades can circulate the hot and warm air seasonally. E.g. when the weather is hot, the ceiling drives and circulate the cool air movement to lower down the temperature.

    However, when the weather is cold, the blades will reverse to the other direction in order to move the cold air away and circulate the warm air to the indoor space instead. Therefore, with the reversible blades function, you can use your ceiling fan at any weather condition.

    4. Determine your space:

    The ceiling fan has many sizes available that is individually ideals from different sizes of space. Let’s say your space is a bit small, you should not look for the ceiling fan that is large in term of size. The same theory applies you if your space is big; you should look for the small ceiling fan because it won’t deliver the comfort or result that you expect to get from it. If you are not sure how to determine your space size as compare to the size of the ceiling fan, you can also seek the consultation with the salesperson or instruction written on the products boxes.

    What comes a lot helpful nowadays is that most of the products has the “No-Hassel-Full-Return” policy that allows you to return the products if it’s not fit or has technical error, so you can always bring it back for full cash or changing for a more ideal product.


    After taking the time to go through all the items listed above, you might have come across many different features of each ceiling fan. These ceiling fans are unquestionably working great in different ways and conditions only to provide you comfort, and refreshing environment. Without having a second thought, trust your intuition and get one of the top 10 best ceiling fans now.


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    A real summer struggle is definitely painful and exhausting to bear. However, you do not have to put up with all that, and that’s why we are here to help. We would like to take you to the refreshing world – thanks to the invention of the thing called ceiling fans. After a long time of research, we have come up with a list of top 10 best ceiling fans in order to help you search for the right and most fitted ceiling fan in terms of style, and quality.

    List of  Top 10 Best Ceiling Fans in 2022


    10. Hampton Bay Ceiling Fans




    This natural ceiling fan from Hampton Bay is beautifully made producing an island feel, and suitable for indoors and outdoors. The ceiling fan comes with 5 gorgeous multi-tone brown blades, and astonishing iron finish. What’s more, the ceiling fan is different for any others because of the Accu-Arm Technology, which enables easy installation and quiet operation. For the measurement, the ceiling fan is 20.4 x 13.4 x 10.3 inches.
    With this ceiling fan, you will get the best experience of palm beach feeling ever even though you aren’t actually at the beach.

    9. Canarm Ceiling Fan



    This outdoor ceiling fan from Canarm comes in two different size options including a 48-inch blade and a 56-inch blade. And, they aren’t just simple blade because they are designed with curved tips for maximum airflow and comfort.

    What’s more, this is one of the best outdoor ceiling fans, which is offered in black color with painted finish and made out of steel. Also, the outdoor ceiling fan is 8 x 56 x 22-inch. With this utilitarian looking outdoor ceiling fan, you will be refreshing all year round.

    8. Westinghouse Ceiling Fan




    This Westinghouse ceiling fan is perfect for both outdoor and indoor. A little more unique than normal ceiling fan, this outdoor fan comes with 5 sleek 52-inch blades and is most recommended for rooms with the size of 360 square feet. Plus, this is one of the best outdoor fans, which is a user friendly gadget providing three fan speeds from low, medium to high to be adjusted accordingly to the weather.

    What’s more, the outdoor fan is equipped with incandescent light bulbs coming along with lantern style fixture. You’ll be saving tons of money with this high functionality 2-in-1 outdoor fan.

    7. Westinghouse Chrome Ceiling Fan




    This is another great quality fan from Westinghouse. Similar to the previous one, this modern ceiling fan works with five blades of 52-inch in length, and perfect for maximum spaces of 360 square feet. What’s more, the modern ceiling fan is consisted of a dual capacitor motor, 3 fan speeds and reversible switch to keep you cool throughout the year.

    For extra convenience, you will also get a built-in halogen light bulb, and a remote control with 9-volt battery included. This is one of the best modern ceiling fans, which will definitely turn your place into one stylish up-to-date space of living.

    6. Hunter Ceiling Fan




    This low profile ceiling fan is absolutely a must-to-have item for this summer because of the ultra-powerful air flow without making any loud noise. What’s more, the low profile ceiling fan comes with a reversible motor making it suitable for usage in both summer and winter season. However, this low profile ceiling fan is only made for indoor use, and will perform better with low ceiling rooms.

    Also, the fan includes a pull chain for easy access to turn the fan on/off and adjust the speed. With this low profile ceiling fan, it provides you whisper-quiet performance that will never bother you in your sleep or daily activities.

    5. Hunter Fan Company




    This industrial ceiling fan doesn’t only perform quietly, but it also provides three possible mounting positions either standard, low or angles accordingly to the installer’s choice. Moreover, the industrial ceiling fan can be changed from downdraft mode to updraft mode for different seasons through reversible motor. Also, you will be provided with pull chain, and integrated light kit including two standard CFL bulbs.

    What’s more, you can be worried-free using this industrial ceiling fan because the company will grant you a warranty of limited lifetime motor. Relax, and let the fan brings you the comfortable life that you deserve.

    4. Hunter Builder Ceiling Fan




    This is one best looking ceiling fan with two blade design options including brazilian cherry and harvest mahogany blades. This best ceiling fan provides many similar things like other ceiling fans from Hunter Fan Company such as the quiet performance, powerful cooling power, reversible motor, pull chain, and high adaptable mounting systems.

    What’s unique, the best ceiling fan is consisted of three light fitter in an elegant design of swirled marble glass. Without any hesitations, this elegant ceiling fan is worth the money.

    3. Westinghouse 52” Five Blade Ceiling Fan



    This ceiling fan from Westinghouse gives you 5 color and design options, which allows you to further personalise your needs. The 5 color options include black, brushed pewter, espresso, outdoor white, and white. What’s more, the ceiling fan comes with 52” five blades providing the maximum airflow of 5,199 cfm, and consuming as little energy as 61 watts, which results in airflow efficiency of 85 cfm/watt.

    Based on all these technical terms, the ceiling fan works best for rooms of 360 square feet. Satisfy your customized needs of comfort with this ceiling fan.

    2. Westinghouse Gun Metal Ceiling Fan




    Unlike any others, this gun mental ceiling fan can provide the coolness efficiently in a room of 144 square feet. What’s more, the ceiling fan is made up of three reversible blades with the length of 42 inches. Plus, the ceiling fan lasts for years with the reversible switch, and dual capacitor motor. Also, you can adjust the speed within three levels of low, medium and high.

    Moreover, the ceiling fan comes with lifetime motor warranty and two-year warranty for other parts.With this gun mental ceiling fan, you get the quality and the look.

    1. Westinghouse Industrial Ceiling Fan




    This ceiling fan is made out of three black steel blades with brushed nickel finish. And, the blades are 56-inch long suitable for residential/industrial/commercial purposes with a maximum space of 360 square feet. What’s more, the ceiling fan uses high-powered motor, and requires minimal assembly. For added comfort, the four-speed control unit will be mounted onto the wall.

    As for warranty, you will get 15-year warranty on motor, and 2-year warranty for other parts. This ceiling fan can definitely blend in perfectly with any decor by brightening the place up.


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