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Top 10 Best Door Mounted Ironing Boards in (2022) Review

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    Our core inspiration is to offer products that make your daily tasks easier while offering quality, value and elegantly designed door mounted ironing boards. We create products that employ only worthy innovation and user customer centered benefits to make them fit for use. As a company, we are passionate about products, design, and evolution of how customers use our items in their homes for everyday use.

    List of the Best Door Mounted Ironing Boards in 2022:

    10. Retractable Ironing Board

    Retractable Ironing Board
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    The retractable ironing board was designed by a person who was conscious on space in mind or in other words, pour pull ironing board is a simple storage solution to save space and reduce clutter. It is built to be installed easily into a cabinet or closet drawer because you simply need to pull out the drawer when you need it, fold it down and put it back when you are done. This device must be installed into a cabinet or not a shelf and is not meant to be used free standing. Each installation is unique as proper screws or bolts are required for mounting.

    9. Built-in Ironing Board

    Built-in Ironing Board
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    This is an attractive space saving raw wood ironing board cabinet that can be mounted on the wall almost anywhere and can be recessed between studs. It is also handsome, an unfinished cabinet that is designed to protrude only 6.5 inches when mounted on the wall to provide ample room for storage of your ironing products. Its frame and shelves of this cabinet are made using real Baltic birch plywood to make the product very durable and sturdy.

    8. Organized life Brown Hide Ironing Board

    Organized life Brown Hide Ironing Board
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    The organized life brown hide ironing board is designed using space saving wall mount design with a beautiful brown finish that makes it convenient for everyday use. The ironing board with a leg can be folded in a cabinet when not in use. In construction, it includes four wooden storage shelves that enable you to hide stuff, dressing mirror and two hooks for hanging clothes.

    7. Household Stow Away Ironing Board

    Household Stow Away Ironing Board
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    This a space saving wall mount cabinet with pulls out ironing board that gets installed directly into the wall. Unfinished oak can be painted or stained. It comes with two built-in sleeves allows you to store and hide away large irons and accessories when not in use. Door installs with left or right open and features 180-degree board rotation and favors both left and right handed users. The device comes with a cover and pad as well as heat resistant iron rest for storage.

    6. Polder Ironing Board

    Polder Ironing Board
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    Polder ironing board is designed with an easy open-close function and also has a stabilizing foot caps rest against the door. This product has been produced by polder which has been the leading company in supplying customers with well-designed high-quality home goods. The core aspiration of our companies is to offer products that make daily tasks easier as well as offering quality, value and elegant design. Our products are created to employ worthy innovation and user-centered benefits as the hallmarks.

    5. Household Stow Away Ironing Board

    Household Stow Away Ironing Board
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    This is easy to use a board that is installed between the framing studs in your wall making your household ironing board out of sight by others but closes at hand. Inside the cabinet, there are two shelves with all the space you need to tuck away all your ironing gear from starch and spray bottles to your still warm iron. Your board height is made to adjust approximately two inches for a more comfortable ironing experience.

    4. Wall-Mounted Ironing Board

    Wall-Mounted Ironing Board
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    You are required to easily mount this ironing board to a wall for the ultimate convenience and space saving. The device is the perfect design for the laundry room and its packing includes one cloth ironing board cover. This board is constructed of steel with white epoxy coating for durability and also comes with one cloth ironing board cover. There is no worry about the cloth because it is sold the cover cloth is sold separately.

    3. Fold Cabinet Adjustable Ironing Board

    Fold Cabinet Adjustable Ironing Board
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    This is a floor standing adjustable foldaway ironing board that anchors to the wall and its cloth is made of 100% cotton material. It is fitted with multiple heights adjust the setting that makes it great for all heights and wheelchair access. The board has a sliding door that can open to the right or left accommodating left or right-hand users. The baseboard cutout at the base of the unit makes it easy for installation over the existing baseboards.

    2. Honey Can Over The Door Ironing Board

    Honey Can Over The Door Ironing Board
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    The board is a space-saving board that can be easily hung over any standard door for convenient yet hidden ironing solution. It smoothly folds up and down as well as locking when upright for safety. It has over the door hooks that features cushion bumpers to protect your door from scratches or dents. The board is made of 100% made a cotton blue cover for smooth ironing.

    1. The Door Small Ironing Board

    The Door Small Ironing Board
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    The door small ironing board is a mini space saving OTD ironing board that has a self-close technology and hanger hook to store iron. It is designed using sturdier design with support feet that stabilize board while open and protects doors. The U-bar on the top of the unit just below the hanging brackets it’s designed to hold your iron keeping everything you need for ironing ready in one space.


    Our product requires you to select your installation location which should be free of all mechanical and electrical devices. The products we offer to you are approximately wide enough to fit walls that are studded on the center. And if you want to buy one of our products make sure you have an electrical outlet nearby so that your work will be made easier. These are the best goods for you.

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